Writing Through the Chakras -Alysa Osvog leads an Epic Journey into the depth of your identity…


Explore your capacity to think, feel and sense energy through 7 Chakras. Each lesson begins with a guided meditation to draw awareness into these clusters of neurons, then leads into a writing prompt for you to correlate how this energy plays a vital role in your life. By creating images, identifying patterns and releasing stories, you become unblocked and find a new freedom. Meditation and writing are ancient practices of self-discovery and healing by empowering and illuminating a connection within…..

Through this course, you will reclaim your compass to strategically navigate through the unseen wilderness within, solve mysteries and reveal magic embedded in your life worth living!! Choose between 2 adventures…

Solo Trek

Audio lessons unlocked every other week for 14 weeks, for you to listen to guided meditation focused on a particular Chakra, which leads into a writing prompt to delve into on your own time. Supported by an online share group and an hour one-on-one with Alysa.

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Gateless Journey

We virtually meet to be guided live into meditation and writing prompt. Individual writing from each prompt will be posted in Google docs, where the group will shower feedback, based on specific Gateless Guidelines. Scientifically supported by neuroplasticity, evidence based brain studies that show positive reinforcement effectively nurtures our creative genius. Weeks alternate between ‘lessons’ and ‘shares’ of work to discuss how that week’s Chakra manifested into story. Begins first week in Feb thru April on Sundays -California 4pm, New York 7pm and Mondays- Bali 8am

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“I can’t think of anyone more equipped than Alysa to lead you on this powerful journey of healing the chakras through accessing your innate creative passion. Something you may not know is Alysa is an extremely gifted and welcoming teacher, but what makes her so, is that she is a humble and devoted student. She attended my retreat several years ago (not identifying as a writer,) and through the simple yet totally transformative Gateless process, Alysa began to heal herself word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page. Her writing is hilarious, gripping, insightful and utterly captivating. She went on to get certified as a Gateless teacher (and 2 completed manuscripts later!!!) and with a new brightness shining from her eyes, has combined her extensive knowledge of healing, mediation, and yoga to create a surefire path to know yourself, love yourself and having the confidence to be yourself. Connecting with the creative essence that lives inside of you is the key to your healing and the match that will spark light inside that others can’t help but be drawn to, and the je ne se quoi that makes life go BOOM- BOOM- CHICA-BOOM!” -Emily Pereira, coach, author, retreat leader, Costa Rica.