"You can’t heal what you don’t heal. –Anonymous (or some quote that inspires you)

 Project 11 is a for profit business with a social mission; Streamlining safe, effective and enjoyable classes along with tools to use beyond the classroom into sustainable recovery. 


 PROJECT 11 bridges quality yoga and meditation into therapeutic settings. We are ALL in some sort of RECOVERY. In life we accumulate layers, from environmental factors, as amusement, distraction or a means of survival. These layers often become too heavy, ultimately separating us from who we really are. YOGA and MEDITATION help us to peel away those layers to reveal and remember our own unapologetic light.


“Alysa has a beautiful Gypsy soul. She walks through life creatively, intelligently, and energetically lightly. She knows how to help others illuminate their shadow so that they are able to find their Seva or selfless service to the world. She has demonstrated this in her own life. I love co-creating with her as a friend and in business. She is a gift and asset to anyone she encounters.”

— - Dr. Kay Corpus MD, Center for Integrative Wellness, Henderson Kentucky.



500 RYT | Yoga Therapy Certification | Ananda Seva | 2012        -200 RYT | Yoga Teacher Training | Lifepower | 2010

Heather Ash Amara- Warrior Goddess Training- 2015                   -Dr. Azita Nahai Trauma to Dharma Immersion- 2015


Recovery 2point Conferences - 2011-2014                                   -Hala Khouri's Trauma Informed Certification - 2011