My friends at the Fullest invited me to film these 30 minute super simple, safe and effective practices to play anytime, anywhere- Namaste!

Focus on our heart space, as our arms are a physical extension of our hearts. We will invite energy from our fingers through the arms, round the shoulders back, open all sides of the rib cage and settle into restorative side body stretch. Sealing in with a self-affirming Savasana to bravely breathe into an open heart.  Energetically our fourth chakra is attuned to love and love hurts, yet pain is a privilege. Throughout life we protect our precious hearts from breaking again by wearing masks, yet they become heavy and dull us from who we really are. Yoga and meditation help us peel away these layers to reveal and remember our own unapologetic light, giving us the courage to choose love.

Awaken energy throughout the entire body through organic movement from the soles of the feet to crown of the head. We will address almost every major muscle, ligament and joint to release tension and create a natural flow of prana, life force. Enjoyable practice regardless of perceived limitations, even advanced yogis will benefit from refining the roots of Yoga- linking breath to movement in a welcoming way. Starting with a standing series, playing with balance, and rooting down to grow in tree pose. 

Restorative Meditation focusing on internal wisdom, harness the power of a pause. From the moment we blinked our eyes open, we have been moving, talking, listening, doing and now it is time to let all that go and settle into stillness. Starting in a chair with gentle neck, shoulder stretches, spinal folds and twists to release tension through the back. Transitioning to the floor for Restorative poses using the chair for a supported Savasana to relax and recognize our own lucky pot of gold shining from within.


In this restorative practice, we will release tension in the lower body, stretch leg muscles, invite mobility into the hips and address the lower back to de-stress the entire central nervous system. Focusing on the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, responsible for our sense of safety, security and vitality. We will balance the breath with the mantra “I am here” to stay grounded, rooted to this moment. New Moon is an awesome opportunity to manifest; yet we can only create from present time, let’s root to restore.

An empowering and simple practice focusing on core cultivation. We physically target the abdominal muscles, which hold our power and energetically house our third chakra- responsible for self confidence. When we tap into our core strength, we develop a relationship to own our truth and clear away the clutter of negative self-talk. We will weave the mantra “I Am” with a balanced breath to continue guiding us back to our center, through gentle stretches to open and release tension in the lower body. Take an opportunity in Savasana to acknowledge the power of clearing away any lies in our space to really shine as “I Am.”