"Alysa has brought so much richness to the girls at Casa Capri that she works with on a weekly basis. They're learning to slow down, be in their bodies, try new things and most importantly be gentle with themselves. Her ability to adapt to the group each week is very powerful; some weeks they practice yoga, other weeks it's a combination yoga and meditation some days it's just simply teaching them how to remain present. Alysa's compassion allows the girls to feel safe as they navigate their way through early recovery. We're lucky to have her as part of our curriculum each week." 

- Melissa Holmes Goodmon, owner Casa Capri Recovery, Costa Mesa

"Alysa has a beautiful Gypsy soul. She walks through life creatively, intelligently, and energetically lightly. She knows how to help others illuminate their shadow so that they are able to find their Seva or selfless service to the world. She has demonstrated this in her own life. I love co-creating with her as a friend and in business. She is a gift and asset to anyone she encounters."

- Dr. Kay Corpus MD, Center for Integrative Wellness, Henderson Kentucky

"Alysa came to the midwest for a weekend to share her abundant "experience, strength, and hope" with our teacher training. We benefited greatly from her wisdom and gracefulness! Personally, I gained more confidence and courage for teaching yoga to recovering people and those individuals and families in the court system. As a yoga practitioner for over five years, a twenty year criminal justice professional, and a person in recovery for 28 years, Alysa taught me how to adjust and modify the teaching to match the population as well as to have more confidence, purpose, and meaning in my renewed mission to serve those who would not normally have access to yoga. As a result of her training, my Seva has become more clear and powerful and is manifesting in directions I never would have dreamed possible." 

- Mark Funkhouser Project-11 Teacher, Evansville Kentucky

"I have benefited from Alysa's deep knowledge and compassionate training to employ the key elements necessary to customize and adjust my teaching. I now feel I can better facilitate classes adapting to the individuals (addiction, trauma, etc.)and environment. I also have deeper compassion and understanding which will lead me to confidently teach my students, especially those who have not practiced prior or who are reluctant to yoga. Alysa's approach to teaching both is academic and physical.  Allowing one to "learn", "feel" and "experience". She is wise and most of all very refreshingly authentic in her approach to teaching.  Her energy and passion are magnificent! Alysa's class has stoked the fire and passion in me and my Seva is strong and clear." 

- Alexandra Boggio

I met Alysa during a very troubling time in my life– I was facing very intense shifts in energy in my body often causing what felt like symptoms of physical illness. I reached out to a local yoga studio sharing what was happening, asking if anyone had any experience or recommendations. Alysa was referred to me. I have to admit I was very skeptical, mostly because in this New Age era we live in, there's so much hype about this technique or that along with countless glorified claims of success that have yet to actually deliver as promised. I know because I've tried them. Alysa was not that. She understood where I was coming from, having gone through similar experiences in her own life journey. In my experience with her, yoga wasn't used as a means of avoiding life or reaching some altered state, but learning how to relate to life as it came, energetically or otherwise. Spontaneously in one of our sessions, I blurted out "oh, I get it, you're helping me understand life as an energetic being." She laughed, replying "Well, yes!, I hadn't looked at it that way but that's it!" I am very grateful for our time together and her humanness. Her  love for herself, others, and life is beautifully expressed through her passion for yoga.-  Adam B.