"When we complete a deep breath, create movement in a way our bodies are designed, connect within and with others- that is yoga!  My teaching style is simple, and effective. I empower others to move from an authentic place and spark a little light by owning our shadows. There is no guarantee of a sparkly experience each class, yet over time the murk begins to lift and we become clear enough to shine between each practice. Shine not only for ourselves, but for those around us. The light in me truly honors the light in you"


Alysa's story...

Yoga and meditation resuscitated me from a ‘seemingly hopeless state of mind, body and spirit,’ I suffered from the chronic disease of addiction, chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol. My family, friends and medical professionals made painstaking efforts to keep me alive, yet I couldn’t seem to breathe from the oxygen masks they offered. I did grasp on to yoga, almost as a memory of how to organically move and really breathe. I began remembering how to simply be and I was inspired to continue.

professional certifications:

500 RYT | Yoga Therapy Certification | Ananda Seva| 2012
200 RYT| Yoga Teacher Training | Lifepower |2010

additional study:

Dr. Azita Nahai Trauma to Dharma Immersion 2015
Tommy Rosen's Recovery 2point0 Conferences| 2011-2014
Yoga and Recovery Conference, Esalen| 2014
Hala Khouri's Trauma Informed Certification| 2011

also influenced by:

Deborah Ford, Judith Lasiter, Bruce Lipton, Gabor Mate, Carolyn Myss, Ashley Turner, Marianne Williamson  

Advocate for operating from my own information,  accessed through daily yoga/ meditation practice and   weekly study with private teacher | 2013- present

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