ABOUT ALYSA OSVOG- Yoga Therapist, RYT-500

Why YOGA? While in treatment for addiction, I was so locked up with emotions and very resistant to talk therapy. Yet as I practiced yoga, I began to soften, open and release in many ways. I found my words were easier to articulate and I was willing to endure emotional pain, after I released my physical body. Yoga became a vital catalyst in my recovery, as I pursued an education in Yoga Therapy, I learned why the connection between body, mind and spirit is critical to live a whole- hearted life. 'Yoga as a Treatment Tool for Addiction' and weaved into who I am and now I am honored to share it with you.  It is my mission to train other yoga teachers in this philosophy and integrate this holistic approach of healing into treatment center programs. Through yoga, meditation and some practical self-inquiry tools learned through the curriculum we could become the best versions of ourselves. 



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