PROJECT 11 bridges quality yoga, meditation and writing tools to aid in various forms of recovery, with respect to psychological trauma, physical limitations and emotional willingness.  Alysa developed a safe and effective style to compliment traditional medicine, cognitive therapy and holistic healing modalities. Based on the principal that external dependence, substances or injuries often take us out of body- yoga and mediation bring us back.


Alysa's education, vast teaching experience and personal intuition skillfully guide individuals back to balance, "My Intention is to support you meeting your intention."

Sessions meet in person, at your location, studios or virtually; Over the phone or screen is often effective to ground the student in their own space.

$125/ per 20% off packages of 5, may vary based on time/travel, simple payment options via paypal, venmo


Sundays 4pm Equinox Huntington Beach * Tues/ Thurs 3:30pm Ra Yoga Newport Beach *  Wed 12:15 Ra Yoga Costa Mesa

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