Private YOGA Therapy / MEDITATION Sessions meet in person or over the phone with or without video is often effective to equip the student with skills to ground their own space.

As a Certified Yoga Therapist, vast teaching experience and intuition Alysa skillfully guides individuals back to their own sense of self- empowered by peace, "My intention is to support you meeting your intention. Your intention is personal and because it is personal it matters. Each inhale is an opportunity to breathe in that intention, we just have to remember to breathe, breathe like it matters, don’t worry I am here to remind you.”


Group TEACHING / SPEAKING Engagements

Leads all levels Yoga classes for Functional Medicine Conference 2017, 2018 and invited back 2019. Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Mental Heath Awareness Walk, and ALAS Freedom Ride. Volunteers with Yoga Prison Project and Phoenix MultiSport

Alysa is a skilled orator, able to adapt her material to meet her audience. Lectured extensively to Clinical Treatment teams on Recovery from Substance Abuse, as well as Corporations. Interactive presentation topics on Sustainable Stress Reduction, Mining the Wellspring of Love and Find your Keys to Unlock Freedom from Addiction.