Fall into Fruition


1 pleasurable use or possession :  enjoyment

2 a :  the state of bearing fruit


Falling in love might seem to just happen. Yet divinely transpired through a vast series of external factors, internal events that match the attraction of the moment. Trust the process of opening and closing back up, softening and becoming hard enough to protect against adverse conditions. Then chisel away the armor to reconnect, and recreate, together. This ebb and flow, give and take is far from an individual’s evolution. It takes a village to build character, creativity to crack open the seed to blossom, and ultimately bear fruit.

Fall is the season to harvest, plant and sow our seeds. Starting with a seed; a simple, smooth shell, easily brushed into a sea of sand, yet imbedded with a genetic code of wonder. If placed in just the right conditions to settle into safety, the seed feels grounded enough to grow.

“For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must first come completely undone. The shell cracks, the insides come out and everything changes. To anyone who doesn’t seem to understand growth, it would look like complete destruction.” Cynthia Occelli

After the seed cracks, the nurturing begins a rhythm of details. Balancing environmental and internal nourishment, to develop strong roots. These roots not only draw in sustenance, more importantly they release anything that no longer sustains growth. We experiment, explore and discover what builds harmony within based on external factors. We dare to try a new spot, a little more sun, a little less water, mindfully adapting to the patterns. When we wither, shrivel, dry up and change colors, it doesn’t mean all is lost. We might just need a shift in perspective, or maybe a miracle.

There was a study in a biosphere that grew bountiful trees, flourishing after 2 years. One day they just came crashing down, literally tipped over and died. There was no wind in the biosphere and they needed external trauma to build internal strength. Resilience is vital to not only survive, but really thrive.

It takes tears, trauma, wind and resilience to build a delicious character. Umami is deep.  Once we realize the depth of our own organic growth, our chemistry changes. We no longer crave junk, have an appetite for additives, even disgusted by co-mingling with artificial flavors. We learn through struggle by going through it, not putting on a mask to cover up. Every time we refuse what will merely mask our essence, we reinforce our authenticity, which opens up opportunity to match with other pure intentions.

Then it just happens, a bud appears. We hold space for daily transformation and experience the joy of blossoming. Attracted by sweet nectar, captivated by the mystery of beauty that unfolds. Selflessly it bears fruit,  no longer to be merely admired, now shared. Opened again, the fruit is enjoyed. Until a seed falls and this painful process continues. In breathtaking awe of the agony to come, and promise of pleasure once endured. To recognize the heartbreak is to show up for love, allowing the fall to happen. Trust the process of falling into fruition.

Happy Fall to you, may you also harvest a loving project though fruition.