ALYSA OSVOG Yoga Therapist RYT-500

Why YOGA? While in treatment for addiction, I was so locked up with emotions and very resistant to talk therapy. Yet as I practiced yoga, I began to soften, open and release in many ways. I found my words were easier to articulate and I was willing to endure emotional pain, after I released my physical body. Yoga became a vital catalyst in my recovery, as I pursued an education in Yoga Therapy, I learned why the connection between body, mind and spirit really works.  I complied evidence supporting 'Yoga as a Treatment Tool for Addiction' and weaved this science into an experiential curriculum for treatment centers to compliment their programs. This ancient practice is especially helpful to those of us who forgot who we were, Yoga and Meditation help bring us back- from the inside out!

What is your SEVA or SERVICE in a non-studio setting? My shadow of disembodiment is addiction, so I relate to other addicts and alcoholics in substance abuse treatment. Teaching to this population is so raw, they keep me honest. We find healing as a community, simply moving and breathing together, we raise the vibration and collectively create a lighter feeling. By acknowledging that light within, we appreciate the darkness recently endured- even add amusement, and laugh, a lot!

CLASS EXPERIENCE- Details assist to create a safe space conducive for healing with soft light, essential oil spray and music. Spotify helps me discover new Indie artists, mixed with dance, classic rock, even a little naughty rap when appropriate. For Restoratives we listen to ambient soundscapes to evoke introspection, along with Enya, Ashana, and Moby. I weave in the traditional yoga voices of Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur and Wah!.

500 RYT | Yoga Therapy Certification | Ananda Seva | 2012        -200 RYT | Yoga Teacher Training | Lifepower | 2010

Heather Ash Amara- Warrior Goddess Training- 2015                   -Dr. Azita Nahai Trauma to Dharma Immersion- 2015

Recovery 2point0 Conferences - 2011-2014                                   -Hala Khouri's Trauma Informed Certification - 2011

Also influenced by Deborah Ford, Judith Lasiter, Gabor Mate, Carolyn Myss, Ashley Turner, Marianne Williamson. Advocate for operating from my own information, doing my work with daily yoga/ meditation practice and weekly study with private Teacher.


*Voted Best of Restorative Yoga Class, 2015, Newport Beach MONDAYS 7:15-8:15pm - Restoratives  TUES/THURS 12-12:45pm Reset Huntington Beach-  SUNDAYS 4-5:15pm -Restoratives/ Meditation