ALYSA OSVOG Certified Yoga Therapist RYT-500, Meditation Mystic, Certified Gateless Writing Coach

Alysa believes in the intrinsic power of healing through awareness practices of yoga, meditation and writing. Alysa describes her teaching as simple and effective, rich with science yet welcoming in style. She encourages students to discover their 'own alone time', an opportunity to let go of outside distractions, develop intuition, inner strength and clear wisdom. Alysa is a Certified Yoga Therapist, committed to continuing education, which sparked another powerful form of internal communication in writing. She explains is similar to yoga and mediation as a way to peel off the outside masks and reconnect with ourselves. She became a Certified Gateless Writing coach in 2017, leads therapeutic writing workshops and in the process of publishing her own work.


Why Writing- After a few years working full time as a Yoga Therapist, I was dreaming in ‘inhales and exhales’ and craved more than yogi language. I had a long weekend to pop up to my happy place, Esalen, which happened to coinside with a Writers Camp. I felt so intimidated surrounded by literary geniuses, yet also enamored by the the power of the written word. I began to indulge in novels, look forward to reading books for fun and signed up for another writers retreat. I found immense pleasure and profound healing by not only connecting with my own stories, further letting them go. I enrolled in Suzanne Kingsbury's Gateless academy, learned from her brilliance of the craft, and how her method effectively works to move myths from our mind into art to share with the world. I found similarities in the way our brains relate to writing, mediation and yoga and bridged a style to teach in Treatment Centers as well as private writing salons.


PROFESSIONAL STUDY:  500 RYT - Yoga Therapy Certification- Ananda Seva  * 200 RYT - Yoga Teacher Training- Lifepower * Gateless Writing Coach * Recovery 2.0 Conferences * Heather Ash Amara-Warrior Goddess Training * Dr. Azita Nahai Trauma to Dharma Immersion * Hala Khouri's Trauma Informed Certification  Committed continuing education with study favorites- Deborah Ford, Judith Lasiter, Gabor Mate, Carolyn Myss, Tommy Rosen, Ashley Turner, Marianne Williamson. Advocate for doing my own work with daily yoga/ meditation practice and weekly study with private Teacher/ Spiritual Director.... and a Business Marketing Degree from University of Colorado at Boulder, and graduate school at Florida International University in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Why Yoga and Meditation?  Yoga is a personal connection between the feeling body, thinking mind and energy awareness. The practice shifts as changes as we do. When my dependence on drugs and alcohol became too fierce on Feb 10, 2012, I no longer had the luxury of being numb. Yet I was so locked up with emotions and very resistant to talk therapy. As I practiced yoga, on the outside I became stronger, inside I softened, opened and released in many ways. Yoga became a vital catalyst in my recovery, to build structure in my day, connect with a healthy community yet further reconnect with parts of my true self, neglected while I has busy for a decade deep in external distractions and addictions. I pursued an education in Yoga Therapy and learned about Somatic Experiencing, how we store emotions in our joints and tissues, Neuroplasticity, how the brain rewires new pathways of healing and compiled evidence to support 'Yoga as a Treatment Tool for Addiction'. I began teaching in Treatment Centers for Substance Abuse Recovery, weaved modern science with ancient wisdom into an experiential curriculum. I developed a training to teach other yoga teachers how to effectively work in non-studio settings, titled Shadow to Seva, 'Harnessing the strength of our shadows to shine in service'. Dedicated to my personal practice, as a student, which I believe is essential to  sharpened my teaching skills each morning when I meditate.


Who is in recovery-  We are all in recovery from something, layers of life that dull our light. We wear masks as a means of survival or mere amusement until they become too heavy causing physical limitations. emotional pain or manifest into addictions that simply no longer work. The process of recovery is personal to discover ways to peel off these layers, remove the masks to connect back with ourselves. In my experience Yoga, Mediation and Writing help, take ownership of our shadows, validate our dark, so we are capable revealing our true light.